Videforex Review 2022 Is The Broker A Scam Or Legit?

Videforex offers clients its proprietary web trading platform. No download is required as trading is available via all major web browsers. The platform is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface.

He thanked him very much and that was that. Then hubbie noticed it was a number withheld. When he told me, I was quite suspicious as we ARE placed correctly on the map and both our web addresses are normally quite happily linked. I can’t think what the chap would have gained if it was a scam but….

LimeFX scam

I get about one a week, depending how bored I am I either just reply I do not have a computer or I string him along asking him about curtains and blinds – after all he is from Windows!!!! Other times I break down crying down the phone that my computer is dying. My caller ID comes up with International so I tend to ignore it now. Oh dear, I’ll make this simple too – we don’t have to come to this blog to moan about cold callers, each with a tawdry story. There is a wealth of information online if people really want to find out, and do something about it. This site doesn’t need any more publicity than it already has, otherwise it could be accused of cashing in on other people’s problems, rather than offering helpful solutions.

How to fund your trading account with LimeFX

You possibly can select from both the desktop software program, or the cellular buying and selling apps. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It means so much when our best customers share their experiences.

All I can do is change my number (for £25), but that the call centre generates random numbers and that I might get called again. No need to pay anything execpt your OS license. If you are reding this DO NOT allow them to access your computer, but do let me know whether you can beat 36 minutes. I live in Cyprus, and have recently purchased a new laptop while in the UK. I just received a call today from Mark Watson from Windows Technical Support.

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He said I had serious issues with my computer but that he could fix it in 5 minutes. He said it wasn’t a cold call, but that he was ringing from Microsoft. My mother in law received a call from ‘Chris Anderson’ this afternoon who had cleared “hundreds of viruses” from her computer and wanted payment. She is very naive and gave her name, email address and home address, and installed the keylogger onto her computer.

  • They open up notepad showing a cost and another fake page showing “windows errors”.
  • You cannot open an FX Premiere account as the trading signal provider only offers service through its official Telegram room.
  • A quick check on the internet displays this site.

They also told me they were based not far from me but the address was just a normal house. They were not happy tonight when I said I wasn’t interested as I knew it was a scam and I put the phone down on them. Luckily I am computer literate and know my way around a computer. Users can create a demo account with $10,000 in virtual currency before proceeding to open a genuine account. A free paper trading account can assist investors in becoming familiar with the interface, learning the platform, and determining the markets they are interested in. Users can get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and compete in the DemoCup event for a $42,000 prize pool.

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Enquiries can be made using the online contact form, by emailing , or by clicking on the live chat logo. The live chat service was fairly responsive limefx forex brokers reviews when tested. There’s also a number of active social media pages that you could follow for the latest news, including LinkedIn and YouTube.

Google is taking a stand in the UK to educate the general public and stop financial ad fraud. If you can’t find your currency, please select GBP or USD and your card provider will convert this for you. In 1994, we were inaugurated by Imran Khan, who was personally affected by cancer. A simple and clear guide to help you understand if and when these applies to you, the differences between each, and how much to pay. Sign up today for our fundraising challenges coming up.

  • If you want to compare Videforex with other brokers, use the detailed comparisons below.
  • FINALLY, they have announced the reverse split EVERYONE knew was coming.
  • This was after 10 minutes of me going along with them asking what the virus was, what version of Windows I was running and how awful it was that this could happen.
  • FX Premiere has been running for over a decade and offers different packages depending on how many signals you want to receive.

I was called yesterday buy a foreign sounding man claiming he was calling from ‘Windows’ and that I had to switch on my PC immediately as we had corrupted files and were liable to being hacked. I kept asking how he got my details but he could not explain fully how – he didn’t even know my name – just my phone number. I started to go along with him but when my Husband heard what was going on he took over the call. He too angrily asked if someone else was available to speak English as he couldn’t understand the guy. Eventually the guy asked for £99 to fix the computer there and then. My husband refused and said if he wanted to get our ‘un-broken’ computer fixed we would take it back to the retailer we bought from.

They also have further information on the types of scam and how to avoid them. LONDON — — Britain’s biggest nurses’ union asked its 300,000 members Thursday whether they want to go on strike in a dispute over pay, … Every week, Maddyness brings you the latest LimeFX news from the UK startup ecosystem. Here’s a recap of this week’s LimeFXs.

The commission charges are also reasonable. Users can deposit money directly into their accounts, pay with credit or debit cards, or use a variety of other online payment options. The same options as for deposits are used for withdrawals. However, depending on the withdrawal choice, it could take anywhere from 1 to 6 business days.

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Just had a call from these guys, couldn’t hear most of what he said cause he spoke soooo fast. I could understand that he said he was a microsoft support then said he wasnt . Anyway fobbed him off with being busy and asked for his phone number which he gave me….called the number and the person who picked it up said “Smart support group”. The phone number is a London one but he said he was based in Luton. Someone claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support, some time a lady and another time is a man keep ring me at home for the last two months, I use to hung up except yesterday I responded. In brief they informed me that my computer keep sending to them error messages,hence they want to help in clearing the mess and could be a virus.

I realised it was a scam of some sort but I can see that others might be taken in, particularly as the caller was very polite and answered questions without getting riled. An Indian guy has written the inside of these people. Check it how they are operating such a big Scam and no one is doing anything about it. He then said that they are getting a signal from my computer when I log on to the internet advising that my computer is full of junk files.

He said 8.45am and it was 8.15pm in London. Told him he was a liar and asked him how he slept at night then the phone went dead….. Called the Police but they told me straight up that they could do f all for me….. Most of UK companies moved support to India, most India IT support staff is based at the same campuses. So all it takes for guys that support you service sell UK number over the corridor to a guys who runs the scam, they probably have well established rate for each number. My husband has just taken a call from Google Maps – supposedly.

I got a call from someone called Jerry Richard, he was Indian sounding, I explained I did not have internet access at home and would need to call him, back the following day. Wow, looks like it’s still a current problem. I just got a call today from some guy with a thick Indian accent saying that there was a problem with the international router that runs windows.

Many extra features are available to entice potential users. On their website, they have a thorough education section with a learning center and a glossary to help investors understand how financial markets function and make better investing decisions. TIO ExpertiseIdentity & Compliance servicesTIO provide services and systems at the cutting edge of identity validation, customer onboarding and digital identity provision and re-use . Aligning this with our Compliance services to meet all your AML/KYC and other Regulatory requirements provides you with an end to end compliant onboarding service in one platform. Videforex does not charge for withdrawals.

Try to talk to them on a personal level and explain the kinds of people they are conning, and the impact it is having on them and their health. The scammers are just people who are desperate for money and they think everyone in the UK is rich. They need to learn otherwise, appealing to their compassion is the only thing that will work. They aren’t monsters, just misinformed humans desperate to put food on the table.

What payment methods can I use with FX Premiere

They told me it didn’t work because of the errors I had. They sent me to their website and told me to buy their support. I’ve had two of these phone calls, my best so far was to keep them on the phone pretending to do what this Indian guy was saying for 49 minutes 32 seconds, whilst I played bingo on facebook. My target for the next phone call will be 1 hour +. Had a call at 6.30 from a chap with a heavy Indian accent who spoke very quickly. He told me that he worked for a Microsoft licensed company, that my computer had been attacked by a virus and everything would be wiped within 30 mins of me switching it on.

My mom got convinced through me and we lost over $400 aud. I had them going for 20 mins the guy got very upset because I kept asking if he was on apple’s payroll and why he was saying all windows computers had viruses. I got a call today – said they were from the World Wide Server but basically the same spiel that everyone else has had.


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